Yacht maintenance

Yacht antifouling

A yacht can be an impressive status symbol, as well as a nice vessel to enjoy on free weekends and holidays. No matter the reason, every owner should strive to preserve the yacht as well as possible, to ensure optimal performance and lifespan, and also the best return on the investment. Yacht maintenance is crucial for the well-being of the vessel in the long term.

Most of the yacht’s upkeep is focused on the hull. The hull is the most exposed part of the vessel and the most threatened, especially by the invasive marine life that can latch onto it. To prevent this, yacht antifouling is needed. Every yacht has some form of antifouling protection installed by default, usually an antifouling coating of the hull. But that’s just a temporary solution that has to be reapplied every year to be effective, and even with that, the results can be disappointing. Advanced yacht antifouling makes much more sense for luxury yachts and other vessels of higher stature. It’s important to take good care of your investment, if you want to enjoy for years to come. That’s why the yacht antifouling often employs advanced solutions, especially modern electronic measures to prevent marine life threatening the hull.

The most convenient option for yacht antifouling are ultrasonic systems, which work great in tandem with antifouling coatings. Such systems provide protective measures for new yachts, as well as active antifouling for yachts with already fouled hulls. Ultrasonic yacht antifouling is very effective and doesn’t require special maintenance, thus driving the costs down. There are many extra savings directly connected to antifouling, but more importantly, effective yacht antifouling will ensure optimal performance and extended lifespan of your vessel. Ultrasonic systems are cheap to buy and easy to use, there’s no excuse to neglect them.