The Remarkable Soca River


Soca river is one of Slovenia’s most beautiful rivers, arguably the most beautiful. Its crystal-clear water might be very inviting for potential swimmers, yet a dive in the river is not for the fainthearted. With the average temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius it is ice cold and actually quite dangerous for anyone that would try to show their courage by staying in it for too long. If we eliminate swimming, Soca is a paradise for adventure and offers a wide range of sports activities such as hydrospeeding and kayaking.

Hydrospeed Bovec

If you want to feel united with the wild water, you can embark on an adventure with a hydrospeed. Bovec offers a remarkable experience that will take you on an intense ride through the icy river. There is no need to fear the low temperature and the untamed river rapids as each person is protected by a thick neoprene suit and guide that will overlook the situation. As safety needs to be the first priority, it is best to visit hydrospeed Bovec in the warmer days, when the river is calmer.

Soca River Kayaking

Soca river kayaking is another popular water sport that attracts a lot of enthusiasts. For those who think Soca is, despite the neoprene, too cold for close contact kayaking might be the best choice. As Soca river kayaking can be challenging at times, some training will need to take place beforehand, but after that you are good to explore the river to the fullest.